“Money’s easy to make if it’s money you want. But with a few exceptions people don’t want money. They want luxury and they want love and they want admiration.” John Steinbeck, East of Eden

Well-being is that unique place where wealth, health and authenticity meet. At least that’s what we think. Most try to get to well-being in that order. For many, it happens that way…or so it seems.

We agree with John Steinbeck. Enjoyable success that sticks around most often happens in reverse.  Money’s great and all, and I want to be poor about as much as you do.

If we focus first on being real with ourselves and the people in our lives; while taking care of our bodies, brains and spirits; the wealth will come. This order usually brings its inseparable friend, well-being.

The Verso Vibe is a venue to share:

  • truly great people with no idea you and I would consider them remarkable
  • truth about nutrition, fitness and emotional health
  • perspective on wealth-related questions that consistently weigh on people
  • organizations that match intent and passion to change lives and generations…perhaps you’ll find one you’d like to partner with
  • resources to help you evolve…it’s not the one big thing but the 1000 little things

We want you to see how far you’ve come… and how close you may be…to finding well-being. We believe it is possible to feel like your wealth, health and authenticity (who you are at your core) are in sync.

We plan to share one post a week either by video, audio or written.

  • Phillip will answer wealth related questions.
  • Melanie will focus on health, nutrition and fitness.
  • I (Trisha) will share stories about people around the world who are “all in.” Their definition of wealth may look different than yours. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find someone you identify with…and realize you’re not crazy after all.

We’ll look forward to talking in person about topics shared online that interest you most.

Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net