Amy Donaldson is a woman of excellence.

When Amy and I met, we were both scraping by. A few years later, she followed her dreams and her heart. First, she moved from her hometown of Jacksonville, Florida to Chicago and re-started her life. Then, she traveled back and forth to Europe until she established relationships with several art galleries. Now, her art decorates the walls of some of the highest priced real estate in the US, Europe, the Middle East and beyond. Her pieces are featured on cable and TV shows, magazines and social media. Her paintings are in demand for thousands of dollars. When we first met, this was not the case.

She’s traveled the world, speaks multiple languages, has solo shows in galleries around the world and an “A” list client following.

What’s her secret? She gave her business to God and it exploded in just a few years.

Every painting has a message from God in it. So whether the buyer realizes it or not, his or her home or business is blessed because Amy Donaldson listens long enough to hear from the Lord.

What’s her day like?

  • Walks her sweet golden retriever, Maddie, to Starbucks. This is her social life for the day.
  • Heads to her studio at the multi-story Zhou B Art Center in the warehouse district of Chicago
  • Coordinates shipments from orders the day before
  • Cranks up the worship music
  • Paints 12 hours or more at a time
  • Takes pics of all the paintings and listens for God wants each to be named
  • Gets home way past dark
  • Orders take out
  • Sits in her living room uploading to her website
  • Posts new work to social media
  • Responds to gallery requests and client orders
  • Falls asleep
  • Starts all over again the next day

She follows this routine for weeks at a time. So if you see her pictures on Facebook, you’ll know she’s more than earned every bit of fun she seems to have. She makes her life look easy and carefree. But I can assure you, it is not. To whom much is given, much is required. But to whom much is required, much is given. Amy exemplifies both.

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